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Coaching via Skype

I offer a 15 minute Skype call so you can get to know me and to tell me what you wish to work on together so you can enjoy your life more.

Coaching via Skype is a great way to start your permanent personal transformation with ease and flexibility.

What Are the Benefits For You?

  • Skype is completely free!
  • Skype works well if you have a busy schedule because there is no travel time at all
  • Enjoy your session from the comfort of your own home or private office
  • As long as you have access to the internet we can work together no matter where you are in the world
  • Maximize your coaching momentum, even when you are traveling for work or leisure
  • Possibility to record your session so you can refer back to it whenever you want

Is Skype Coaching Really as Effective as Face to Face Coaching?

Yes! In my experience a Skype coaching session can be as deep and transformative as a face to face session. You are receiving the most effective, time-honored processes to apply to your own life’s success. You still have my undivided attention as it is only you and me on the call. You have me supporting you, motivating and inspiring you and acknowledging all your strengths and values.

So How Does it Work?

It is so easy. You choose and appointment and book it. Before your appointment, you add my Skype name (Yvonna.Hoefnagel) to your directory and I accept your request. Then you call me at the agreed time and date.

Haven’t installed Skype?